The joy of making yourself surplus to requirements

butterflies_1200pxWhat an unexpectedly brilliant start to the day.

A 10am meeting with Genny, the social entrepreneur I’ve been mentoring via UnLtd since earlier this year.  And it looks like being the last one we’ll need – although we’ll get together for a drink and a catch up around Christmas to make sure everything’s still on track.  She’s now got a business plan, a real idea of who her customers are, and an understanding of what they need from her.  She knows what she’s offering and she’s costed what it will take to deliver it.  And she’s got enough new customers to be contemplating possibly taking on staff in the near-ish future.

This is of course not all my doing – although she is gratifyingly eager to give me the credit.  She’s done all the hard work and all the difficult thinking .  What I did was provide an objective  point of view and space for her to talk about what she wants to do.    And it feels absolutely brilliant that she’s got so far that she really doesn’t need me any more.


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