And now, something for the laydeez

I did some work last month researching gadget-review blogs and new technology sites for a company poised to bring a new product to market.  The world of the self-confessed geek and the gadget-obsessed is still overwhelmingly male,  but I did stumble across one blog, aimed squarely at the fairer sex, which boasted an array of stories designed to tempt us into the boys’ lair:
  • Pink moisture glasses keep your eyes refreshed
  • Versetta iPad handbag doubles as a workstation
  • Ultimate beauty iPhone app saves you time in Selfridges
  • Jawbone wristband tracks your diet, exercise and sleep
  • Burg 5 watch, even in pink, fails to tick right boxes
  • HTC set to release Glamour smartphone just for women
  • Microsoft reveals the Comfort Keyboard
  • iPad kangaroo pouch coming soon

I guess this either makes you laugh hysterically or it doesn’t.*

It reminded me of an old piece by Alan Coren about a new car aimed at the “typical female” customer  which failed because:

at 35mph the linkage connecting the hairdryer to the eye-level grill snapped, disconnected the telephone and threw the crib through the windscreen.  Upon applying the brakes the driver inadvertently set the instant heel-bar in motion and was riveted to the wardrobe by a row of tin tacks.

I suppose at least he had the excuse of writing in 1974, some time before feminism got into its stride (and of being a comic genius who rarely put a foot wrong).  Not sure what the bloggers’ excuse is.

* these are real stories from a real blog, which I’m not linking to because it doesn’t deserve the traffic


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