Two simple steps to world domination

The world is full of advice for business owners of all kinds – about social media, about HR and finance about Lord knows what else.  I’m in the business of doing it myself.  I’ve come to the conclusion tho’ that the secret of success is much, much simpler than anyone would lead you to believe.

Want to be a standout success in business?  Simple:

  • Be competent – that just means do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it, to a basic standard of OK-ness, using a basic filing system that helps you keep track of what’s going on.  That way your customers will love you and will not ever have to  wonder how to prove to you that they have indeed paid invoices you seem to believe they haven’t.
  • Be polite – that means saying please and thank you.  It means letting people know BEFORE they work over the weekend to deliver the thing you  asked for by Monday that you won’t be in the office until Wednesday.  It means telling people  whether or not you want to use them on the project you floated past them several weeks ago, not letting them try to work it out by gazing at their tea-leaves.

That’s it.  If you can master these two skills you will be so unusual, so astonishing, so much in demand that books will be written about you.  If you can also manage

  • Be on time

You’ve definitely cracked it.

Bad day?  Me?  Whatever gives you that idea?

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