67 pieces of advice for small businesses and start-ups

I have a magpie habit of spotting stuff online and parking the link to it, intending to come back later.  Things have been particularly bad recently as I’m working on a new project, to be launched on an unsuspecting world in the next couple of weeks, so I’ve been hoarding advice aimed at start-ups and micro-businesses.

As a way of clearing the decks, here are 67 tips for new, small businesses gathered during my research.  And no, I’m not doing them all myself.  Yet.

Business planning and starting from scratch 

Social networks

Communications – the right words and the pictures

Consultancy and freelancing

  • A Q&A from The Guardian about the pros and cons of becoming a consultant.  This is specifically about the voluntary sector but lots of the issues are universal.
  • Is there life after freelancing? Questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking of trading up from being a freelancer to setting up a small agency
  • Freelance Adviser general advice on a range of subjects for freelancers

3 responses to “67 pieces of advice for small businesses and start-ups

  1. Many thanks for including my post ‘the nuts and bolts of QR Codes’ in tyoyur excellent list here. While this post, and many others likes it on my blog, are aimed at using the codes in education and the classroom there are so many uses for businesses.

    A quick scan of some Twitter comments include;

    QR Code Idea From Mesob Restaurant – http://2d-code.co.uk/restaurant-table-top-qr-code/

    QR Codes for Real Estate: Tips and How to – http://www.realestateseo1.com/qr-codes-for-real-estate-tips-and-how-to

    Hope these help.

    All the best, David

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