Getting Lippy about violence against women

I’ve been putting off blogging about Nazziwa’s story because I have no idea what to say about it.  Watch, but be warned it’s not a comfortable few minutes.  Nazziwa’s husband routinely beat and threatened her and has cut off both her hands – for which he has been sentenced to a mere 10 years in prison.

What can you possibly say that isn’t a platitude, apart perhaps from just howling with rage?

Nazziwa’s story is part of Action Aid’s Get Lippy campaign for International Women’s Day.  The campaign site carries many other women’s stories and gives a chance to send  messages of support to them – which will appear like this at their destination.  Please do. It feels important to let them know that they are not alone.


3 responses to “Getting Lippy about violence against women

  1. This story is hard to read isn’t it?

  2. Easy to send a message to the women though.

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