Password rage

  • 13 passwords for different computer/phone-type accounts (Blackberry,Twitter, WordPress, Skype  etc).
  • 20 passwords for accounts with professional associations, companies I do business with etc.  Inexplicably this list includes 2 usernames for different bits of the Business Link site, each with its own password, oh, and a 12-digit government gateway ID.
  • 9 house-related accounts – utilities companies, banks, insurance company etc, and
  • 5 other accounts – which aren’t even mine,  I just keep track of them for the children

The pain of setting them all up has faded with time, but I know some of them have separate usernames attached, some of them don’t, all of them have passwords –  memorable, unguessable, mixing upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols to a dizzyingly complex degree.

And when they work it’s fine.

And when they don’t and you spend, as I just have, 15 sodding minutes going round and round the cycle of failing to log in, resetting the password,  re-entering the new password and the screen continuing to do that bloody annoying little sideways judder that’s probably supposed to be cute, but that  tells you that you’re going nowhere,  how in the name of all that is holy do you prevent yourself from smashing a shoe through the screen?


One response to “Password rage

  1. The Line To Take

    Oh, you think that’s bad (which it is, actually)? Try re-setting your email account password when the re-set password function will only work if you verify the new password via the link in an email sent to the email account that you can’t get into. And then finding that the ISP’s so-called help function will only respond to you if you confirm your account with them by typing in a valid password!

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