In search of plan B

Flickr: Ms.Tea

I was talking to a friend who is packing up her London home and buying a Christmas tree farm in Sussex – presumably on the grounds that of all the types of farm she could possibly have this one will need least in the way of  feeding, breeding or early morning milking.  Part of her motivation is a vision of the future so apocalyptic that she wants to make herself  self-sufficient before the Second Great Depression hits  (she’s planning to grow veg and keep chickens as well, I don’t think she just wants to be self-sufficient in Christmas trees).

It struck me as I listened to her that  I need a plan B, too.  My own Christmas-Tree-farm-equivalent which I can pour some energy into while the economy implodes and the bits reform into something recognisable again.  Now all I have to do is work out what it is…


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