High Anxiety

Evidently training to be a Zen Master, my nine-year old son has declared that I should stop worrying so much by ” removing the meaning and feelings of worry from your mind”.

That’s easy for him to say. 

I come from a long line of pessimists and worriers and was brought up from an early age to  “hope for the best and expect the worst – that way you’re never disappointed”  Much as I’d love to be one, I just don’t understand optimists.  Don’t they realise that unless you worry about everything, constantly, even in your sleep, something terrible might happen and you won’t be prepared for it?



One response to “High Anxiety

  1. Perhaps optimists are simply people who trust in their own improvisational brilliance, whatever the situation.

    As the Zen Master Molesworth recalls the teaching, “Hoopla, le ciel est bleu et le soleil brille.” Just don’t ask if the sea is wet.

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