Don’t just sit there – write something

This week I have mostly been feeling ill.  Not hovering at death’s door ill.  Just out of sorts and sorry for myself and unable to concentrate.  This is the worst state for a freelancer – too bad to want to work, not bad enough to give in gracefully and take to bed; just guiltily hovering between sofa and desk nostalgic for the days of proper employment, when being ill meant the novelty of being home alone in daytime (and you still got paid).

Anyway, I have work to do hanging over from last week which can’t be allowed to get in the way of next week.  So I’ve been sitting here for two hours on a Saturday afternoon and I have:

  • spent quite a lot of time on wordoid trying to find a new name for the business
  • spent more time on LinkedIn searching for old friends from university and deciding whether I want to get back in touch with them or not
  • ditto Facebook
  • marvelled yet again at the vacuousness of most of Twitter, and looked at lots and lots of tweets to prove  that I’m right
  • repeatedly put work-related search terms into wonder wheel to create ever lovelier and more complicated networks than I will ever have time to do anything with
  • changed the theme of the blog – bored with the old one, not sure about this one, might change it back soon
  • written 263 words of this blog post (in about ten minutes) which is 144 more words than I have managed to put into the piece of work I’ve been doing since 3 o’clock
  • found the procrastinators’ blog 

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