Being a good client

How often do you treat yourself as a client and give your business a full MOT?   I did some work over the summer with  clients who are also by now good friends, who took advantage of a quiet holiday season to review their business.  On the outside it might have looked like  un-necessary tinkering on their part – the business was already in pretty good shape and growing  fast.  Still, we worked on re-defining the core of how the business had changed since it started and what that meant for the services they were offering and the language they used to talk about themselves  – treating their business with the same kind of rigour we would offer a “proper”  client.  They carried on the work through the autumn and have just re-launched.  I was so delighted to see the fruits of what we started off, not a huge change, but a sharper focus, a clearer offer to potential clients and  a more confident feel for the future.   Try it on yourself – as long as you’re prepared to be completely honest about what’s currently working and what isn’t, it can be a really revealing exercise.  And yes, I really need to do it for myself too.


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