Blogger’s Block


Flickr: Bianks

Have been suffering a bad case since October, brought on first by overwork, then by Christmas, and lately by the absolute certainty that I will never work again, which has reduced  all waking thought to “how long can we last on the money we have before we have to start eating the cats?”

Admittedly I am prone to panic about this kind of thing, and have to keep reminding myself that it’s not long since the holiday season ended, and it’s quite likely that at least one of the three prospects I’m waiting on will come off and I’ll back to complaining about overwork by the end of the month.  This does feel very different from last year, though. Usually, in the public sector, the last three months of the financial year are  manically busy as departments realise they have to use the under-spend they’ve been hoarding against a rainy day before March 31 or they’ll lose the money.  This year it’s ominously quiet on the government front and the cats are starting to look tastier by the day.


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