Five ingredients of a perfect Friday

1. Kick off meeting (with doughnuts) at one of my favourite companies to work with,  on a fantastic new project which could keep us absorbed, challenged – and gainfully employed – until Christmas.

2. Children off to spend two weeks with their grandmother in Scotland.  No washing, wearing, chivvying, tidying, snapping, snipping, squabbling or Spongebob Squarepants UNTIL AUGUST 10.

3. Husband delivering children to Scotland and staying ’til Sunday.  London at my disposal for the weekend.  Control over the contents of the fridge and use of the remote absolute. Only fly in ointment is continuing need to care for cats, who have deposited a dead bird in the kitchen in protest at being abandoned to me.  With luck they will leave home…

4. Large pile of newly bought,  sweet-smelling books beckoning me from the side of the bed.

5. The sun is shining.  And I intend to make hay.


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