Passionate about communications solutions

David Mitchell got in before me (and is infinitely funnier than I could have been) about the use and abuse of the word “passionate”.  I feel much the same about “solutions” – as in information solutions  (1,060,000 examples on Google), communications solutions (1,180,000), new media solutions (550,000), security solutions (3,260,000), technology solutions 6,860,000). There is now an event called Procurement Solutions Live “the annual event for buying solutions”.

Last summer when I was trying to find an events company to deliver some conferences for a client, I refused on principle to invite any company to pitch whose website promised that they could deliver “event solutions”.  It’s as good a way of sorting the wheat from the chaff as any – and we found a brilliant company to do the job.  I was almost inspired by this to re-name my business the No Solutions Communications Company – but felt in the end it might be misunderstood…


2 responses to “Passionate about communications solutions

  1. Thanks for making me smile today. Attempting to finalise my dissertation over the next week and feel every ounce of passion about the subject has been squeezed from me. Having written so very much about the subject, the glamour is fading. The attraction of a subject glimpsed through rose-petaled lenses waning as yet more evidence and literature shines a light. What a struggle!

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