Nostalgia and armadillos

Stewart Lee ranted about modern TV and in particular the current state of Channel 4 (a flood of sewage that comes unbidden into your home) on his show a couple of weeks ago, and ever since I have been nostalgic for the days when I worked at C4 and we did good stuff.  Arts programmes about the arts, that made you think ; documentaries that changed the law , added to the gaiety of the nation, and that were fought over in court.

Of course, it might  be that Channel 4 is just the same rag bag of good stuff and tripe that it always was and what I’m really nostalgic for is being 27 again.  But what the hell.  It’s my birthday and I’m allowed to have the odd madeleine moment about TV  programmes of the 1990s if I want. So, in the spirit of nostalgia, here’s a tribute to the only armadillo in history known to have introduced an arts programme (and subsequently to have died of a broken heart). 


One response to “Nostalgia and armadillos

  1. Happy Birthday! I just loved the armadillo! I better not get started on nostalgia…in fact my memory is so awful these days that I cant remember enough to be nostalgic! (Cue: little old lady!)
    But here’s a link (isnt YouTube wonderful?) to the launch of C4 to get you all teary!:

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