Your government needs you

Ran across this on another blog – it’s a link to a request for ideas from the Foreign Office.  Stephen Hale, the  FCO Head of Digital Diplomacy,  is looking for ideas for how social media can be used to address global economic problems.  He’s gathering ideas in advance of the economic summit happening on London in April.  In his own words:

Can the web can help answer the major questions of economic action? How would you like to contribute to the conversation? Would you prefer to engage with government on official websites, or elsewhere? What web tools would you use to stimulate debate? Where on the web are the lively debates already taking place? Who should we collaborate with? What lessons can we learn from similar exercises? – 

More information on Stephen’s blog (see how blogging puts us on first name terms already!) which incidentally has lots of other really interesting stuff about how the web can work in government 


One response to “Your government needs you

  1. Interesting concept from Stephen Hale – There is already a lot (and I mean lot) of discussion through face to face channels – Council for Regional ministers, Regional economic forums, local economy forums and bilaterals as well as on-line debate. Not sure how social media networks can address issues but probably can help stimulate debate within a certain sector – but could you class that sector as the new `chattering classes` rather than the action men and women we need. Also need resources to properly monitor and respond to these social networks – something which I don’t think we’ve cracked yet . Always think that elements of social media just don’t reach certain groups – probably the ones suffering most from the economic downturn!

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