Digital immigrant

The worst, the very worst thing about working for yourself is that there is no-one around who can help when things go wrong.    No-one to stock up on pens, paper  and printer cartridges; no-one  to unblock the photocopier or report the fault on the phone line.  And most of all, no IT department.

I’ve spent interminable hours recently  not solving a really simple problem with my laptop, and building up a store of rage, frustration, inadequacy and self-loathing it might take therapy to release.   It would probably take any 13-year old a moment to fix this.  She probably wouldn’t  have to break off texting while she did it.  Sadly I don’t know any 13-year olds.   I am going to have to buy in techie support at heart-breaking cost, and take it on the chin when I’m treated like the local village idiot for not being able to sort this out by myself.  What does anyone else do?


3 responses to “Digital immigrant

  1. The downsides are very real – but so are the upsides. You can update software when you want, not when IT decides to. And you’re spared the hundreds of organisation-wide emails.

  2. Penny,

    As someone who will find himself cast into the outer darkness as of Monday, I read your blog with interest. It’s a scary prospect in one way but stimulating as well. I’m looking forward to seing if there’s anyone out there who wants to pay for my services. someone told mne the key is not to ask people for work. It makes them feel uncomfortable when (as is usuallly the case) they dont have a job for you. Much better to ask for their advice, seek a meeting and ask for further contacts, information etc. In fact anything but work. Aim to come away from the meeting with three contacts and ask if the person would be prepared to ‘phone ahead and say that you’ll be ‘phonong. Apparently its paradoxically the people we know least well that are most likely to provide work.

    More practically, I know a very good computer man called Richard (07768 200551). Th only snag for you is he’s based in Muswell Hill but I can recommend him unhesitatingly. He does Macs and PCs.

  3. Thank you so much for your helpful post, Charles, and welcome to the outer darkness (when your eyes get accustomed to the gloom you’ll see it’s really not so bad!) I swallowed my pride and took the laptop to an expert. I’m not sure if I’m pleased or not that he couldn’t fix it – at least it isn’t just me!

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