Why don’t you?

As well as being Burns Night and my Dad’s birthday (happy birthday, Dad), today is the last Sunday in January, which means it’s Internet-Free day as designated by the Global Ideas Bank because – well let them explain:

Why an Internet-Free Day?

– Because there’s no replacing face-to-face interaction with real humans,  we are social animals
– Because you can’t get your five a day from e-mails
– Because you can’t subscribe to an RSS feed from your grandma
– Because people’s faces are clearer in reality than YouTube
– Because your Blackberry is surgically attached to your hand…
– Because we all need a bit of R&R: reality and reflection
– Because if this has riled you, you really need it….

In case you’re wondering, I’m not here – this was set up on Friday to flip up on the site on Sunday.  Now I just have to see if I can resist the temptation to log on for 24 hours.  See you Monday.


One response to “Why don’t you?

  1. What can I say about Burns night – being a Scot exiled in England we celebrate it more than we would have had we lived in Scotland. Internet free day sounds a great idea – Burns managed an internet free life and look at the work he produced – words which have survived for more than 200 years and are known right round the world. Do you think the words of bloggers will still be recited in 200 years time? Favourite Burns – Ae Fond Kiss (as sung by the MacDonalds) and of course Auld Lang Syne (as sung by Eddie Reader).

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