Interesting use of new media by British politicians shock

Suddenly remembered this blog is about to be about new media and comms rather than dishwashers, comic novels and 1970s computer games.  Fortunately also just ran across possibly the first interesting use of new media in political advertising that I’ve ever seen so am posting about it sharpish before someone else does.  Actually someone already has, I got the tip off here where it is written about far more eruditely than I seem to be doing (it’s been a long week already)  It’s not the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, but at least it’s  starting to grapple with the possibilties of the web in other than embarrassing Dad-dancing ways.  A story on the Guardian blog reveals that traffic to the official Labour Party site doubled when the item went up.  We’ve got a way to go before we Brits are doing it like the Democrats do – but you know I think we might be (starting) to get it!


3 responses to “Interesting use of new media by British politicians shock

  1. Political advertising?! Everyone who is in the public shop window has to sell themselves. Even politicians.

    Will it appeal to a wider audience, the statistics say yes but for how long? Is this repeat traffic or new traffic? A novelty factory or genuine interest?

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how the use of social media develops here. Obama was very much against negative campaigning considering it to be a real voter turn off. Traditionally, the Labour Party doesnt respond well to criticism.
    Could be interesting!
    I can quite see Obama Girl taking off over here!

  3. Looking at this felt like being pulled into a new century. ‘Entertain me and I might vote for you’ is nothing new, but at least this is less of a blunt instrument than billboards. I’ve already laughed and sent the link on to someone else, so yes, I think we are starting to get it.

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