I Would Gladly Sell My House and All of Its Contents *

There is currently yet another campaign urging non-payment of the BBC licence fee going on with about 200,000 signed up so far.  A range of opponents of the BBC have been energised by Ross/Brand  to rage  against the broadcaster, which remains one of the  few  world class organisations the country still has.  As an ex-BBC staffer I’ve heard all the arguments against the Beeb, but it still seems to me that the arguments in favour are much, much stronger.  If you want to hear them rehearsed (with jokes), Stephen Fry does it extremely elegantly in podcast-form on his site.

The BBC itself supplied one of  the best anti-moral-majority -outrage arguments  ever.  Perhaps the fact that I saw this   at an impressionable age is what made me the woman I am today.

Happy Christmas one and all, and let’s raise a glass to the ghost of Desiree Carthorse, who clearly still stalks the land.


3 responses to “I Would Gladly Sell My House and All of Its Contents *

  1. …and yet, and yet…..I too am a fan of the BBC. It is unique and precious. But there are times when it allows itself to be seen as arrogant and out of touch with licence payers. The sums of money it pays to ‘top’ broadcasters like Jonathan Ross just see huge to ‘ordinary folk’.
    On the other hand, the excellence of its news broadcasting far outweighs the criticisms for me.
    I’ll happily pay my licence fee, but the BBC should be seen to listen and respond to its licence payers.

  2. Richard Lambert

    The BBC is like the NHS. We all moan about it and we all know it could be run better, but if you look at how these things are provided in other countries, you realise that we get a much higher quality of service for far less money.

    As for life-lessons learned from 1970s sit-coms, my marriage is founded on the strength of my wife understanding the concept of “England F-“, from “Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?”. But more recently I have been reminded of Carter Brandon’s maxim “Big or small, short or tall – life can make your shoulders droop.”

  3. I endorse that.

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