Here Comes The Past

The standout sentence of the weekend’s papers for me (before I gave up reading  and took refuge in drink) was John Simpson’s assertion that we’re heading back to the 14th century – generally accepted as the worst ever century to be alive in the history of the world.   So that’s famine, the Black Death, a new 100 Years War, a Peasant’s Revolt (count me in) and religious schism in Europe to look forward to.  On the plus side it looks like a great time to be a warrior woman, or install some energy efficient central heating ; and narrative poetry is probably well overdue a comeback.  This does, of course, have absolutely nothing to do with communications or new media, other than proving yet again what a truly fantastic resource Google is for those moments when you REALLY  don’t want to start work on the accounts…


2 responses to “Here Comes The Past

  1. Yikes – make mine a large glass!
    14th century indeed – what a happy chap John Simpson is!!!!
    The interview was really good though-it captured how I imagine him to be – and what a heritage too from cowboys to young son!Perhaps if he thought what America was like in the 14th century he would realise that all the world wasnt mad at that time!

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