Living Life in Black and White

Increasingly it feels as though I’m living a secret life online, dipping in and out of all of the truly inspirational (well, OK, quite interesting) things that are happening in a world of PR somewhere else.  Google reader turned up this blog post today highlighting a range of great ideas for things I’d love to do myself and none sounding so close to the cutting edge of technology as to be impossible.    Then I turn my attention to the office I’m actually working in at the moment.  From here the online world feels like a technicolour Oz with me still stuck in sepia-toned Kansas.  Forget Facebook groups,  Twitter and webinars.  At the moment not only is there no digital strategy, I can’t even get security clearance to get through the internet firewall to update our website.   The notion that “Web 2.0 technologies have made participation more fun, accessible, instantaneous, trackable” is great, except it doesn’t feel that it has much to do with me at the moment; a month into this contract and wondering where’s the best place to start just to get the basics right.


4 responses to “Living Life in Black and White

  1. sarahgillingwater

    I don’t feel quite as cut off as you – but I know plenty of people who do.

    I was talking to a colleague yesterday who’s in the process of recruiting to her comms team. The role includes all the latest buzzwords around social media, web 2.0, digital marketing etc. Yet her organisation still has a policy that won’t let most staff access the internet.

  2. We all need to take a reality check from time to time.

    Here’s another perspective on the disconnect between the talk and the reality on the ground: the vast majority of those blogging about PR are consultants. By definition, these are people who have something to sell, and who need to display their credentials. Among this group, Twitter has been the tool of the year. Yet the research for Groundwell showed that only 5% on online adults in the US use Twitter. Some gap between the hype and the mundane reality…

  3. When are our techies going to get to understand that they are here to service our needs and that we are driving the business change. Too much do they dictate what we can have access to or not as is normally the case!

    We can all feel isolated from time to time. I find myself living the internet world working through websites, researching, talking to “unknown friends” on various social networks. Does this make me feel connected? I’d have to say no. Nothing to beat a good old chat with a coffee and a “proper friend” across the table!

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