The etiquette of blogging?

Thanks to Richard for his very rapid comment on my last post.  I answered him back in a comment of my own, but was then reminded of something I read on Richard’s own blog about leaving the comments space to everyone else (I’ve already had my say in the original post, after all).  I find it almost impossible not to respond if someone comments on something I’ve written (or as my husband would put it, I am constitutionally incapable of letting someone else have the last word).  Are there rules about this kind of thing? And should I look on bestadviceforum to find them?

By the way, for anyone who’s not sure what the term means (I wasn’t myself) this is what Google Juice is…


One response to “The etiquette of blogging?

  1. I used to be unable to resist having the last word, and then I realised I was spending too much time having circular arguments with nutters. Though I am talking about my personal blog, rather than any professional one.

    These days I just reject comments by mad people and respond to others if the mood takes me.

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