Expert schmexpert

I have now achieved internet recognition and can stop blogging.  My last post has surfaced on the bestadviceforum website – as I accidentally discovered, much to my astonishment this afternoon while looking for something completely different.  So there I am, an online expert (at least an advice-giver of note) – proudly next to “how to buy a designer diaper bag” and “abusing the UK tax system from the Isle of Man” (haven’t read that one, but assume it’s not a “how to” guide).    I am now linking back to myself in an act of rampant egomania, in the hope that I can create a circular reference loop which will create a virtual black hole which swallows the internet (in my head the Dr Who theme is playing now…)

Has it?  Is there anybody there?


5 responses to “Expert schmexpert

  1. You could be flattered – or you could be justifiably annoyed that someone is using your content to boost another site, probably for reasons that are nothing to do with giving best advice.

    It could be a blatant attempt to gain some Google juice.


  2. I guess there aren’t any copyright notices anywhere on the web! At the point I saw the link I was just instantly more amused by the company I was in than I was annoyed at the lifting of the copy. Not sure that feeling flattered ever came into it!

  3. sarahgillingwater

    Richard – you old cynic. I’m sorry, but I still get excited when people refer to my posts – is that wrong?

    In the last couple of days I’ve made a Canadian PR blog and an Australian Twitter page! Maybe the novelty will wear off soon…

  4. I’ve been contacted by a few people via my blog (all end up automatically sent to my spam folder) asking if they can link to me and vice versa. I’ve ignored them so far because I’ve not been sure of how legit the sites are – am I being too picky?!

  5. When I first went on the net back in 1996 in a Multimedia GNVQ evening class, we were advised to follow a link, look at the website until you find another lonk that interests you, then follow that, and just keep going. For me, blogs have restored this wide-eyed sense of discovery: amid all the dross and self-importance, there is some really interesting, intelligent, amusing stuff out there. As a blog-reader rather than -writer (for the moment, at least), it strikes me that this kind of mutual self-fertilisation is what it’s all about.
    I’ve always found it slightly bizarre that businesses ask me if they can link to my business website. I want as mauch traffic referred there as possible, so why would I refuse, and if they didn’t tell me they were linking how would I know to refuse them. Perhaps I am showing how little I know about the technology. Shame the tutor left before we finished that course!

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